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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I'm a certified Life Coach and the Associate Member of Australian & New Zealand Life Coach Alliance.

As everyone else in life, I am playing multi roles everyday.

  • Firstly I am a mum of a young adult son who is away from home and studying overseas with a dream to become a famous commercial fashion photographer in the world after he graduates from the university. I am very proud of my son and becoming the best friend and fan of my son.

  • Secondly I am a wife with 12 years happy marriage with my lovely husband who we met in New Zealand 15 years ago. My husband and I value each other's own authentic cultures and built the trust & respect in our long time relationship.

  • My long time career is a professional business & tax advisor and a hands on reliable company accountant for more than 30 years. Before I immigrated to New Zealand 17 years ago, I had been working as a senior internal auditor in different industry fields and lucky enough to be able to live in many famous cities, such as Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, Paris for many years. I am very grateful for my more than 50 years happy and adventure life and want to explore more deeply inside of myself. I wish to meet you and team up with you to reach our inner peace together.

  • In my spare time, I have committed to serve my son's school Parents Association for more than 9 years, to serve as an executive committee member of a parents club for 4 years. I value the deep connection with people with different culture background, which brings a lot of joys and satisfactions to my life. I enjoy travelling, writing, visiting art gallery, gardening, eating nice meals, cooking, reading, tramping in the nature. I believe everyone deserves a joyful and peaceful life and will reach his/her inner peace and fulfill the potentials with an open-minded mindset with a little nudge from a life coach. 

Since you have been reading though all the way to here now, I am confident we can team up to explore the multi life opportunities and work out an action plan of changes. 

JOY life coach helps you thrive

Integral Solutions has an holistic and comprehensive approach to life coaching and personal development aimed at assisting you to bring balance and mastery to life, work and family situations. An integral approach can serve you in a variety of areas and can help you to cultivate, grow and craft your unique lifestyle design.

  • Managing work/family stress

  • Wanting more life/work balance

  • Leadership skills development

  • Wanting to change jobs

  • Feeling “stuck”

  • Personal transitions

  • Developing emotional mastery

  • Uncover your personal life purpose

  • Spiritual Development

  • Clarifying what you want in life and creating an action plan

With life coaching you can:
  • Greatly increase the likelihood of success because you have clear and conscious access to all the resources available to you.

  • Consistently see yourself and the world around you in more productive and clear ways.

  • Learn to respond to complex personal or professional situations with clarity, purpose and lightness.

  • Accelerate growth and development to bring greater satisfaction into personal relationships, your work and your community.

Life coaching consultations

Integral life coaching consultations start with an initial consultation process to assess your personal situation and how I can best serve you.

Consultations are $135 including GST per session

Integral Solutions services are global

I am based at Joy Life Coach in Titirangi , Auckland, NZ. I am also available worldwide via telephone or Skype or Zoom consultations. Email me to find out more.


  • Life Coach Certificate of Breakthrough

  • Life Coach Certificate of Abundance


  • Associate Member of Australia & New Zealand Life Coach Alliance